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Entering into the Chronic Pain Market with Psychedelics

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Global Wellness Readies for First Clinical Trial

Shanti has a targeted research pathway to clinical success, with strong proprietary protection under its already submitted patent providing a method for the treatment or prevention of pain.


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Just like Cannabis investments of the early 2010s, smart investors are beginning to see the gargantuan upside potential in investments into psychedelics and money has been flowing into start-ups like never before. GWS, through Shanti Therapeutics, has gigantic potential as they are on the forefront of MDMA research in Australia

Shanti plans to conduct clinical research on a fixed-dose combination drug with MDMA as the primary API potential adjuvant analgesic to reduce/ ablate the psychosocial component of pain.

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Shanti Therapeutics Fast Tracking Their First-In-Man MDMA Trials for Pain

Finding new drug solutions to the puzzle of chronic pain is novel and innovative. Shanti is an early mover with respect to entheogens (psychedelics) being used to modulate the psychosocial component of pain. Concurrent, with the trial being executed in Australia, a pre-IND application to the FDA will be conducted to help identify the best regulatory strategy to a new drug approval.

Meris Kott, CEO Global Wellness Strategies

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The team at Shanti in Melbourne is finalizing their clinical protocol with a view to submit for ethics approval in the next few weeks. Nonetheless; preparation has begun for an Australian FIH (First-in-Human) proof of concept trial. This trial will help identify the magnitude of the effect size of MDMA in treating pain which will guide the sample size determination for future pivotal clinical trials. 

MDMA has shown promise for PTSD, but the drug alone is unlikely to be a cure. The illegal substance, commonly known as Molly in the 1980’s was known as a college party drug for so long that many still do not believe MDMA paired with psychotherapy improves PTSD pathogenesis. Globally there are approx. 20 significantly funded companies (both listed and unlisted) conducting research and clinical trials into the potential applications (pain management, mental health, PTSD) of Ketamine, Psilocybin, DMT and MDMA and their respective derivatives / compounds. 

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Acquires Fast-Growing Mushroom Brand KaleidoMyco

KaleidoMyco is the story of people, process and production. Together world recognized mycologists and formulists, proprietary science driven IP and formulations, high bioavailability organic compounds, multiple delivery methods plus world-class extraction technologies make KaleidoMyco a leader in the mycology space.

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KaleidoMyco is one of the world’s first companies combining hemp-extract (CBD), adaptogens and myco based ingredients to produce world-class wellness products. Their team of scientists are dedicated to driving ground-breaking innovations in the production and delivery of myco derived formulations. The first KaleidoMyco product is combining 50 milligrams of hemp-extract with functional mushrooms to launch a new one-shot wellness beverage utilizing its proprietary extraction techniques.

Meris Kott, CEO Global Wellness Strategies

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A short squeeze happens when the perfect market conditions are met and it triggers rapidly rising stock prices.

Analysis of historical trading leads to the conclusion that this junior has been attacked by the naked short selling tactics of the market makers in the US in a hopes to undermine the value of GWS. With the stock price on the rise, its about to explode with forced buy-ins creating a potential windfall for early investors



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